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Our classes


Year 1

Dive into the world of acting with our Year 1 class. For just £60/month, set out on a transformative journey into the realms of theatrical performance.

  • Hone both your Greek and English presentation capabilities.

  • Work in ensembles, play roles, participate in acting games and engage in physical and vocal development.

  • Delve deep into character development, emotive expression, and stage presence.

  • Perfect your articulation, ensuring clarity and impact in every performance.

  • Join the year-end showcase


Year 2
(Available Sep 2024

Advancing from our Year's 1 program or entering with prior experience, Year 2 at Players of Ethos takes you deeper into the world of acting.

  • Perfect for Year 1 graduates or those with relevant acting achievements.

  • Explore sophisticated acting methods like Stanislavski's System and Meisner Technique, building on the foundational skills acquired in Year 1.

  • Engage in focused study periods to broaden your character nuances and techniques.

  • By the end of this program, you'll be poised to make your mark in theatre, having expanded your capabilities and understanding of the craft.


Year 3
(Available Sep 2025)

This level offers an elite space for seasoned actors to seek unparalleled challenges and continuous growth.

  • Designed exclusively for graduates of our Year 2 class, ensuring participants are aligned with advanced acting standards.

  • Benefit from seminars and access to rich learning resources, guided by a variety of experienced teachers.

  • Dive into intricate role-playing and challenge yourself with profound character depths, building upon the mastery achieved in previous years.

  • Earn the PoE Certificate of Accomplishment and seize the opportunity to join the esteemed PoE Theatre Performance Group.

Premium Services


Private Coaching

Unlock your acting potential with our exclusive private 1-2-1 coaching. Whether you're seeking a confidence boost for auditions and presentations, or need tailored advice on acting, directing, or screen acting, our sessions can provide the guidance you need. Flexible scheduling available.


Acting Workshop - Ancient Greek Drama

Immerse yourself in our "Contemporary Acting Approach to Ancient Greek Drama" workshops. Held over multiple weekends each month from November to May, you'll collaborate with a range of expert instructors, acquire vital techniques, and hone the skills crucial for a thriving acting career.


PoE Solutions

Turn your directorial vision into reality with us.

From idea to execution, we're your backstage support, making theatrical dreams come alive

Addional Offerings


Audit Session

Are you new to Players of Ethos?


Attend our Audit Session for only £10. Experience firsthand our unique teaching methodology and engage with the coach.

Please note:

This is an observational opportunity. Participants can only attend one session, and active participation in the class exercises is not included


Single Class Entry

Can't commit to a full course?

No worries!


Our Single Class Entry at £20 per session lets you experience our classes as per your schedule.


Please check availability as some terms may have restrictions.

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