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Players of Ethos

About us

Originally emerging as a humble theatre production company, we at Players of Ethos have now significantly expanded our influence by introducing acting workshops and classes in Greek and English. Stationed in London, we take pride in our ability to harmoniously blend theatrical performance and top-tier education. Our unwavering stand for diversity allows us to disregard ethnic background as a barrier to participation. Unique in our approach, we provide acting courses in both Greek and English, deeply enriched by historical context and methods.


At Players of Ethos, performances are integral to our ethos. Backed by a team of accomplished coaches, we're dedicated to staging several notable shows annually, offering our students unparalleled opportunities.

Notable past productions under the PoE banner include 'Pitsa,' inspired by W. Mastrosimone's 'Woolgatherer' (White Bear Theatre, 2018), 'The Thorn of Acacia' by F. Zarfeiadis in collaboration with Ensarkosis Productions (White Bear Theatre, 2019), a revised version of 'Pitsa' (White Bear Theatre, 2021), and 'Who Discovered America?' by Chrysa Spiliotis, produced alongside Culture in Action (The Golden Goose Theatre, 2023).

Our mission

Transitioning from a small-scale operation to a larger initiative, we remain passionately dedicated to our mission. We aim to serve as a platform that encourages cultural interchange and personal growth in theatre, for both professional and amateur actors. Rooted in diversity, we are growing into a multicultural hub that values the array of stories and distinct voices within our community.

Acting Journey 

Embark on an immersive three-year acting experience with Players of Ethos, beginning with Year 1, where every entrant is introduced to the dynamic world of acting with a fresh experience annually. Emphasizing presentation, ensemble dynamics, and deep character exploration, you may choose to progress to Year 2 or continue in Year 1.

The journey deepens in Year 2 with advanced studies, touching upon revered methodologies.

Finally, in Year 3, our magnum opus, master intricate techniques and partake in elite seminars.


Every year culminates in a show of increasing complexity, with the option to progress or find renewed inspiration at your current level. Successful graduates may join the prestigious PoE Theatre Performance Group or hone their skills in regular classes.

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