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  • I am interested, what should I do next?
    We're thrilled to hear you're interested! Here's how to get started: Fill out our interest form and select the class you're interested in. After receiving your form, we'll contact you to confirm class availability. If you're still interested, we'll book you in for the first class in October. We'll send you a reminder a week before the class to confirm your attendance. Looking forward to seeing you at Players of Ethos!
  • How do I register?
    Fill out our interest form, and we'll contact you to confirm class availability. If confirmed, we'll book your first class in October and send a reminder a week before.
  • Where can I find you?
    You can reach us through several channels: Email: Phone: +447418610129 Website: Facebook: Players of Ethos Instagram: @players_of_ethos
  • What is Players of Ethos?
    Players of Ethos is a London-based multicultural theatre company. We provide Greek and English language acting classes and host multiple theatrical productions throughout the year.
  • What is the vision of Players of Ethos?
    Our vision is to foster a dynamic community through acting and drama classes that focus on creating unique characters and personal growth.
  • Why should I choose Players of Ethos?
    We offer an inclusive, engaging environment tailored for both hobbyists and professional actors. We also host showcases for students at all education levels, offering feedback and support for personal progress.
  • What if I am not interested in taking part in the show?
    No problem! You can enjoy the community and interactive games until show preparations start in April. If enough students are interested, we may start a new class focusing on community interaction rather than show preparation.
  • I can't maintain a regular class schedule, but I'd like to experience a session at Players of Ethos (PoE) every once in a while. Is it possible for me to do this and pay per class?
    Yes, at Players of Ethos, we offer a Single Class Entry option that caters precisely to your needs. It costs £20 per session and allows you to attend individual classes as your schedule allows. This way, you can experience the unique teaching approach of our coaches and the dynamics of our class without having to commit to a full course. Please be aware that the Single Class Entry option is available throughout the year, but participation might be limited due to the class schedule. Additionally, this option is not available in Term 3 as we dedicate that period to prepare for a show.
  • I'm considering joining Players of Ethos but would like to sample a session first before making a commitment. Is this possible?
    Absolutely! If you're new to Players of Ethos and want to experience a session before deciding on further involvement, you can opt for our Taster Session. This session costs just £10 and is designed to give you an overview of our offerings and to experience the coach's interaction with the class. Please note that only one Taster Session is permitted per person. It's a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with our unique approach to coaching and see if it suits your expectations.
  • When do the classes start?
    We offer three classes per week: Greek classes commence on Monday, October 2nd, and Thursday, October 5th, while the English class starts on Tuesday, October 3rd
  • Can you tell me about the schedule and location of the acting classes at Players of Ethos?
    Our classes are held at the Old Diorama Arts Centre, NW1 3FE. We offer both Greek and English language acting classes. The Greek Language Acting beginners class is scheduled every Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The English language acting beginners class takes place every Tuesday, at the same time. Our Greek Intermediate acting class is held every Thursday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. We aim to offer flexibility and choice to our students and ensure that there's something to suit everyone's schedules.
  • Can you provide more information about the payment structure and methods?
    Of course, our courses run from October to May, a total of 8 months, and the cost is £60 for beginner level classes and £80 for intermediate level classes. As for payment methods, we accept bank transfers and online payments through Revolut. An invoice will be sent to you on the 1st of every month, and we ask that you send us the payment within 10 days. This invoice can conveniently be paid online.
  • How does the class schedule look like, including holiday breaks?
    Our classes run regularly with the exception of a few dates. There will be no classes on the 25th, 26th, and 28th of December, as well as the 1st, 2nd, and 4th of January due to the holiday season. The Monday class will miss three sessions due to UK bank holidays. These missed classes (two from the Christmas break, one from the UK Easter break, and one from the Greek Easter break for intermediates) will be made up during the last three months before the show in June. Once you've enrolled, a full schedule will be shared with you.
  • Can you provide the holiday breaks for each class in a table?
    Absolutely! Here are the holiday breaks for each class:The missed classes due to holidays will be made up in the final three months before the June show.
  • In what language are the acting classes conducted at Players of Ethos (PoE) and what are the costs involved?
    At Players of Ethos, we offer acting classes in both English and Greek to cater to a diverse range of students. The cost per student is £60 for both beginner and intermediate levels. This price is inclusive of 3 hours of weekly classes for a duration of 8 months, which totals to 32 classes, and culminates in a showcase at the end. Our aim is to provide an affordable yet comprehensive training experience, and for this year, we have set the same price for both beginners and intermediate levels. Please note, there are no additional charges beyond this fee.
  • When does the show take place?
    The exact dates are to be confirmed as we finalize the theatre booking. However, our target window is between May 25th and June 8th. All the shows will take place within this period.
  • I want to be part of the show but I am unsure about my availability in the last month. Can I still participate?
    Unfortunately, participation in the final show requires mandatory class attendance in April and May, with absences only permitted for serious issues. This is essential for maintaining collaboration and momentum within the scene. If you cannot commit to these two months, you won't be able to take part in the final show.
  • I know in advance that I will miss some classes, but I still want to participate in the show. Is this possible?
    Yes, if you inform the coach about your absence in advance, we can plan accordingly. Your scenes will be scheduled based on the time you can invest, ensuring that your participation does not affect the show's overall preparation.
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